Notre Dame de Paris



008_notredame_quasimodo_penthouse_aerial view_by_whocaresdesign.jpg

The Viennese architectural firm Who Cares?! is planning the new penthouse of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Due to the latest events from April 15th 2019 at Notre Dame in Paris, the most famous bell ringer of the world, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, has lost his home. His more than 600 years old accommodation, the attic of the famous cathedral of Notre Dame, burned down. His loss is tragic, but now it´s time for change.

The Hollywood star Quasimodo, by now rich and famous thanks to the royalties from countless movies about him and his story, has already dreamed about changes to his housing conditions for several years. Finally, he can follow his dream of more comfort, light and a green rooftop garden.

The architectural firm Who Cares?! accepted the challenge and created a first blueprint. Who Cares?! is well known for its nonconformist approach, its love for detail and its creative design methods. Living space is king.

The old and dark attic makes place for a modern and light-flooded penthouse with two gigantic patios including a helipad and a spa with an indoor / outdoor pool. The new loft has a living area of 8.000 sqft with two patios of 540 sqft each. One rooftop garden is located on the east and the other on the west of the building. The penthouse is accessible either via the front rooftop garden or via the helipad. The rooftop garden located on the west side will offer an amazing view onto the most iconic sights of Paris. The lavishness of the rooftop gardens continues inside to form to a gigantic, almost sacral loft.